What is that noise coming from under my hood?

Everyone has experienced a whirring or screeching noise coming from under the hood of their vehicle. Many times we ignore it as it comes and goes occasionally. Other times it is constant and loud enough to drive us insane. In most cases, the solution can be as simple as an adjustment or replacement of a worn accessory drive belt.(Pictured)

This belt had been on our clients Camry since he purchased it several years ago. The belt had been squealing for some time and before too long, it stopped asking and demanded service by snapping down the road from our Lodi location on Route 46. Luckily for our customer, he was able to get back on the road after a minor belt replacement.

You can avoid this kind of close calls by performing preventative maintenance checks. However, packed schedules and our busy lives make it easy to forget. Don’t worry, it happens. Even if you do not remember your last car check-up, the trusted experts at Brake-O-Rama always perform free safety maintenance inspections with every service. Stop by any of our locations and we will be glad to assist you.


About brakeorama

Brake-O-Rama is a tire dealer and auto repair facility. We providing maintenance and repair services throughout NJ. Our auto techs are blogging to simplify your auto questions and to put complicated automobile information into a simple easy to digest format. Brought to you by team of professionals at Brake-O-Rama
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