“My car just needs brake pads. Right?”

Many of us toil with making difficult decisions daily. Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks? The Post or the News? ESPN or Discovery Channel? Luckily, not many of those choices involve our safety or well being. When it comes to brakes however, it is a bit more complicated. While most of us are content to push the pedal and having the car come to a stop, there are several components that determine the speed, accuracy, and performance of your stop.

Worn brake components can lead to extended distance stops or even pulling in either direction.

Not to say all advice is bad, but sometimes it can do more damage than good. Misguiding tips can lead people into either unfounded fears or a false sense of security. Asking your cousin’s friend that is now a shoe salesman and used to be a mechanic for advice may not be the smartest choice. On the surface, a driver may only detect only one symptoms while actually having multiple issues with the brake system.

The most common misconception is that if the car is not stopping properly, its making a noise or its vibrating, that it only needs a new set of brake pads.

Many times we don’t relate the pulsation coming from the brake pedal to being a problem. Worn or damaged brake components can even cause a screeching then grinding sound. It can even lead to loss of brake pedal pressure. This is why the best decision is to take your car, truck or SUV to to have a brake inspection performed.

The experts at Brake-O-Rama will explain the condition of your brake system. Good, bad, or otherwise. If there is an issue, our service managers will give a thorough explanation of the correction and provide you with the cost. Make time to stop in for your free brake inspection today at any of convenient locations. It’s worth the time.



About brakeorama

Brake-O-Rama is a tire dealer and auto repair facility. We providing maintenance and repair services throughout NJ. Our auto techs are blogging to simplify your auto questions and to put complicated automobile information into a simple easy to digest format. Brought to you by team of professionals at Brake-O-Rama
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