Brake-O-Rama Presents The STRANGEST Cars!

Our Brake-O-Rama auto Mechanics like to see strange and interesting cars. But nothing prepared us for what we saw at Shanghai Auto Show! See more strange automobiles at

11 Strangest Cars at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show

Moooove over for Changa

Number twenty four on the ForTwo

Geely IG

London via Shanghai


Mitsuoka Orochi

The Alias looks even weirder from the front

Changan lounge

Chery QQme

About brakeorama

Brake-O-Rama is a tire dealer and auto repair facility. We providing maintenance and repair services throughout NJ. Our auto techs are blogging to simplify your auto questions and to put complicated automobile information into a simple easy to digest format. Brought to you by team of professionals at Brake-O-Rama
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