OMG! Jaguar Builds 200mph Battery SUPERCAR!!!

Our Mechanics at Brake-O-Rama Lodi, New Jersey just told me that Jaguar is taking the lead with building a Battery powered “Supercar”!! I found a picture of well-received C-X75  automobile… IT ROCKS!!

The sporty, striking, awesome two-seater will use an extended-range electric system capable of running entirely on batteries – yet also able to launch from zero to 60 in less than 3 seconds and reach speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Jaguar Brand always seems to be innovators and they are not dissapointing on this car! In New Jersey you see awsome cars on the New Jersey Turnpike… I can’t wait to see this Jaguar running over all the pot holes!

When the The C-X75 was shown at last autumn’s Paris Motor Show, fans went wild over it! The reception for the concept car was so incredible that they decided to put it in production.

Well, the mechanics at Brake-O-Rama cant wait to work on Jaguar The C-X75  when it comes in for servicing after driving on the Garden State Parkway! Haha just kidding… the Garden State Parkway has been maintained pretty good lately!

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