Brake-O-Rama Investigates The Least American Made Cars!

Our trusted mechanics at Brake-O-Rama see all kind of automobiles and they have a good sense of what is made and where. Yesterday I asked our mechanic at Brake-O-Rama Lodi New Jersey which were the least American made cars. He investigated on Yahoo, Google, and various internet sites, and also confirmed his suspicions after many years of working on cars in the USA.

ALOT of the cars on the list are good automobiles, and even though they are not primarily made in the USA our mechanics like these cars, as well as Brake-O-Rama customers that bring them in for us to service.

Part Content
Chevrolet Aveo San Luis Potosi, Mexico 2%
Ford Fiesta Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico 10%
Ford Fusion/Lincoln MKZ Hermosillo, Mexico 20%
Cadillac SRX Ramos Arizpe, Mexico 21%
Mercury Milan Hermosillo, Mexico 25%
Chevrolet HHR Ramos Arizpe, Mexico 37%
Dodge Journey Toluca, Mexico 38%
Chevrolet Volt Hamtramck, Michigan 40%
Chevrolet Cruze Lordstown, Ohio 45%
Ford Expedition/
Lincoln Navigator
Louisville, Kentucky 50%
Lincoln MKS Chicago, Illinois 55%
Buick LaCrosse Kansas City, Kansas 57%

At Brake-O-Rama, our experienced mechanics think it is interesting to see where car parts are manufactured. This list shows that “Made in America” is really becoming less and less…Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of the most technologically advanced and reliable vehicles on the road are made in plants owned and operated by foreign manufacturers either stateside or overseas.

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1 Response to Brake-O-Rama Investigates The Least American Made Cars!

  1. Nancy says:

    WHY doesn’t The USA make only electric cars??? That would help keep jobs here in USA!! GO USA!!

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