Brake-O-Rama shows Most Expensive Car Pile Up!

Brake-O-Rama believes having your brakes maintained is one of the most important things drivers should take seriously.  Brake-O-Rama has the best prices on Tires and Brake service in New Jersey… A good example of why to have safe driving habits and good brakes is the following article!

Eight Ferraris wrecked in
million-dollar pileup!

By Justin Hyde | Yahoo! Autos 


Authorities in Japan were still reconstructing Monday how eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a few Mercedes-Benzes wrecked on an expressway Sunday morning, coating the road in an Italian red metal sauce worth more than $1 million. It’s not a sight for those squeamish about totaled supercars.

Some 14 cars in all were involved in the chain-reaction crash on an expressway named China Road in Yamaguchi prefecture, leaving 10 people with minor injuries. While the injuries were light, several of the vehicles appear totaled.
How did so many Ferraris end up on the road together? The group — which Japanese police officials called “a gathering of narcissists” — were driving to a supercar meet-up in Hiroshima, where about 100 vehicles were expected to show. As one driver who was invited along but passed noted, it was unusual for such a drive to take the expressway — where speeds are closely monitored and traffic can be thicker due to lower tolls on Sundays. Even so, the Ferraris were estimated to have been running between 80 mph and 100 mph when the crash happened.

Police and video reports say the wreck began when a 60-year-old businessman from Fukushima driving a Ferrari F430 attempted to pass a Toyota Prius, but instead hit the guardrail. That set off a chain reaction among the cars driving in a tight formation behind the lead Ferrari, eventually wrapping up seven other Ferraris — namely a 360 Modena, F355 and a white Testarossa — along with a Lamborghini Diablo and a couple of high-end Mercedes.

The Prius sustained some rear bumper damage, but escaped relatively unharmed.



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