We at Brake-O-Rama love The Super Bowl! One of the best things are the AUTOMOBILE advertisements during the Super Bowl. This is a good link to enjoy all the Auto ads that were shown during the Super Bowl… ENJOY!

By Justin Hyde | Motoramic – Mon, Feb 6, 2012

All 2012 Super Bowl Car Ads

This year’s Super Bowl commercial haul may represent a new high for automotive marketers, with nearly a dozen different automakers set to run spots in front of an audience of 110 million people. But getting the most for their money means releasing them early; here’s our running list of the ones already online. UPDATED Monday with Chrysler.

It only makes sense for automakers to push their Super Bowl ads online; they’ve already spent millions creating a spot, and every year there’s a chance of winding up with an ad slot in the fourth quarter of a 35-0 blowout. All the ones released so far are gathered below; we’ll update this page over the next week with new entries.

Chrysler: Halftime in America The ad that’s got the most buzz post-Super Bowl is Chrysler’s ad with jazz musician/director/actor/ex-mayor Clint Eastwood, who at one point wasn’t so keen on government saving automakers:


Chevrolet: 2012 On the one hand, Chevy taking a swing at Ford will provoke endless squabbles between brand acolytes. On the other, people have already taken note that Chevy shares a certain unfortunate financial history with Big Boy and Hostess:


Chevrolet: “Aliens” From the host of ads Chevy will run in this year’s game, this is the one that feels the most pedestrian. The Volt has turned into such a hot-button issue that it will take more than a gentle suggestion of extraterrestrial wonder to get buyers interested again:


Kia: “A Dream Car for Real Life.” Just in case this Wagnerian compilation of metal, ultimate fighting and husbandly wish fulfillment isn’t enough (and what was up with the dude on the horse — maybe there’s some therapy in this couple’s future) Kia’s also provided an alternate video that’s nothing but Adriana Lima in a swimsuit waiving a checkered flag for nearly five hours.


Volkswagen: “The Dog Strikes Back” Better to reference last year’s runaway Super Bowlhit featuring mini-Darth Vader than try to copy it completely. Pondo Baba really should hang with a better crowd.



Chevy: OK Go’s “Needing/Getting” trailer: This one looks like it will stay under wraps until the game, when OK Go turns loose their breed of Rube Goldberg-rock on several hundred feet of pianos, guitars and home-built instruments in a Chevy Sonic.


Lexus: 2013 Lexus GS. Lexus’ new luxury sedan has met with decent reviews except for its new grille, which is shot here in a menacing, “Aliens”-like setting that seems appropriate for something that looks like a Predator. 

Acura: “Transactions”The Jerry Seinfeld-Jay Leno spot for the yet-to-be built Acura NSX plays as the most successful of the big-budget commercials to date — but it’s only Tuesday: 

Cadillac: “Green Hell.” Strange to say, but of all the ads we’ve seen, this is the most macho, braggadocious spot to emerge so far — a sign of just how militant Cadillac plans to get when putting the Cadillac ATS against the new BMW 3-Series: 

Toyota: It’s Reinvented. Like the new Toyota Camry, this ad is straightforward, well-built and executed to a fine point. If you hate Camrys as the essence of everything dull in modern vehicles this won’t change your mind, but it could stick with everyone else. 

Chevrolet: Sonic Anthem. A collection of eye-catching stunts featuring the Chevy Sonic parachuting, bungee-jumping and the aforementioned OK Go musical destruction derby.

Hyundai: Think Fast. One of three spots Hyundai will fill chip-and-pee runs during the Super Bowl with, this sticks with the standard comedy formula honed by Budweiser and Miller Lite over many years. 

Hyundai: All For One. Most car spots focus tightly on selling specific cars to pay back the $3.5 million that 30 seconds of Super Bowl time costs. Hyundai will spread its bets with two ads for cars and one for the entire company — this “Rocky” spot that, as corporate flackery goes, makes an impact. 

Hyundai: Cheetah. It’s a desert race between a Hyundai Veloster Turboand a cheetah. Only the cheetah has other ideas. 

Volkswagen: Dog Teaser. One part of me wishes VW would have just stopped here, but then I’m not an advertising professional.


Honda: Matthew’s Day Off. The title says it all: This is less a Ferris Bueller revival than a trip with Matthew Broderick down memory lane, with a Honda CR-Vinstead of a Ferrari. Would you clean the CR-V with only a diaper? 


Audi: Vampire Party. Who knew “Twilight”-like vampires preferred Audis, or that they’d not check out the lumens and color temperature from their LED headlamps before buying? 

Suzuki: Sled. Suzuki‘s Super Bowl ads always serve as a welcome reminder to millions of Americans that Suzuki still builds cars. Also, pets seem to be a theme this year: 

Chevrolet: Happy Grad. Among the first out of the gate this year, and still one of the better selections. 

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