NJ Corvette News! Man Builds Electric C3 Corvette.

When Brake-O-Rama Auto Repairs and Tires services your automobile, our mechanics do the best job in making your auto run smooth. We check everything to make sure our customers are happy. We also like to share interesting auto news we find on the web. In New Jersey there are alot of Corvette lovers and our mechanics in Lodi found this excellent article to share with Corvette lovers everywhere!


Man Builds Electric C3 Corvette


By George Kennedy | Boldride – 8-29-2013


It has been quite a long time since the Chevrolet Corvette has had anything but a small block V8 underneath its hood. While the very first Corvette was available with a straight-six, this yellow C3 Corvette features an all-electric powertrain. Safe to say this was never an available engine code.

Created by Keith Stegath, we learned of this incredible project via Corvette Forums. Stegath has been hard at work on electrifying a third-generation ‘Vette for nearly two years, and features a 300-volt battery pack, weighing in about 1,200 pounds.


00-Electric Corvette

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The electric drivetrain also features a 2000-amp controller, and is all monitored by a sophisticated touchscreen interface. Stegath has made it so that nearly every one of the car’s controls are sent through the touchscreen.

02-Electric Corvette

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Currently, Stegath has put just 100 miles on the new odometer. The project is not yet complete, as he continues to modify body panels. We hope to see more of this electric ‘Vette (including hopefully a dyno run) as he completes the project.

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